Cheap Timber flooring Styles in Melbourne | Sydney

“Terra-Mater” an Timber Flooring Company only produces floors that are synonymous with quality, innovation and designer appeal. Our Cheap Timber floors are the ultimate in elegance and warmth for any home that reflect Lifestyle. Our ranges have been inspired from our passion to produce beautiful flooring. Our timber has been sourced from managed forests throughout Europe, Australia and South East Asia.

At Terra Mater, we want you to make a smart choice. Terra Mater’s flooring range include Lakewood, Lamwood, Linwood and Riverwood which offers superior and luxurious flooring with international Quality Control Standards at competitive prices in the market.

6 Reasons Why You Should Choose Timber Flooring

  1. Inspiration and Creation
    Terra-Mater- a creation from Mother Earth – where our inspiration stems from the 18th Century farm house and remodelled for today’s diverse & sophisticated society. Our Cheap Timber Floors are all about design, sculpturing, shaping, toning, fashion, colour, texture and pedigree
  1. Design and Durability
    Inspired by leading designers our Timber flooring range has 12 different designer colors and textures. Our premium Timber flooring has 9 layers of world renowned German Klumpp coating system with advanced invisible UV lacquers to create a super natural look that retains your beautiful floor for many years.
  1. Convenience yet Cost Effective
    Terra Mater Timber floors offers superior cleanability with advanced anti-static Klumpp coatings and yet crafted & designed to meet the needs of builders and customers that have a tighter budget while maintaining a quality
  2. Easy Installation
    The Timber floors top layer (lamella) is bonded with Dynea glue from Sweden to a multi-ply core with a tongue & groove joining system making it ideal for floating and direct stick installation. Oak Floorboards are also have 5G Click system are also equipped with a click mechanism that locks the boards together in place and allows them to float over the underlay for quick installation.
  1. Quality assurance
    Quality assurance officers at Terra-Mater are always on site at our production facilities to oversee all production runs. This allows us to deliver to our customers consistent yet Quality Timber flooring Products that will leave you totally floored.


Why Choose Terra Mater

Lifetime Warranty
We offer Lifetime structure warranty on Timber flooring and all our products with 20 years wear and tear to provide you complete peace of mind!

Value for Money
Precious European Oak timber which is naturally processed by techniques such as brushing, smoking, fuming, scraping, distressing and staining at affordable price.

Outstanding Quality
Guaranteed Quality control with consistency in every batch and large stockholding in our warehouse based in Dandenong Melbourne.

Great Customer Service
In-house floorboard consultants assisting you with budget and quality that reflect your lifestyle. Deliveries can be arranged within 48 hours of order Australia wide

A Diverse Range Colour & Design
Inspired by Europe’s leading designers, we range 12 different designer colors and textures with 5G Click system for quick installation and German Klump Coating.



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